The Wyrm of Blessi Pool

Jonathan, Haukadalur, Geysir, Iceland
The Blessi Pool.

Here I recount the tale as I remember it of my encounter with the Wyrm of Blessi pool. I was wandering within the Hell-warmed area around the Great Geysir when I came upon a hole known as Blessi pool. The tunnel went down into the earth for an undeterminable depth, but just inches below the sulfuric water was a wealth of coins. The dragon who was said to live in the cave is very fond of coins, as all dragons are, and I thought that as long as I returned the pieces into the watery trove, the coins I took out would bring no ill will with them.

Using patience, and a stick, I retrieved these coins. Some were black as ash while others were as brilliant as the midnight sun and all, no matter what exotic country they belonged to, were thrown back into the depths.

And as the night grew into morning and it was time for me to leave I came upon a coin of Denmark. It was the loveliest coin I had found and I decided that it should come with me as payment for casting the coins into easy reach for the one below. As I began to walk, steam rose from the pool, it bubbled and the geyser exploded.  I ran.

Fear gripped my heart at the thought of dragon’s wrath set towards me. I shall not stand it, so, I walked back.

I approached the pool. I removed my jacket, knife and Ægishjálmur pendant, and then I called out “I am Jonathan the Weir, and I will not share this world with an enemy. Dispel the hatred from your heart or reserve your will now.” With that the pool boiled with rage and the geyser exploded into the sky, and then fell silent. I put on my jacket, and my knife, and as I moved to don my pendant, I instead threw it into the cave.
The worm needs it more than I.


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