The Great Geysir

Haukadalur, Geysir, Iceland
The Great Geysir, smouldering away…

These are the words from the journal of Nathanael Weirson,

“It was halfway through our trip when we arrived at the geyser. “Geysir” is the oldest, largest, and the mother of all geysers, from which all are named. The massive gusher is dead, or very nearly, and has been so for many decades. So it was to our surprise when she churned and boiled, as if upset, when we passed by. Some growling force bubbled beneath the earth; steam and hot water fled from dozens of vents spread out like worshippers around The Great Geysir.”

“We were able to cook our dinner over one of the tiny geothermal vents, which was an experience in itself, and ate happily that evening. Jonathan had an encounter with something terrible, I believe, though he will not speak of it. A bubbling hot entrance to an underwater cave might have something to do with it… the many coins scattered glinting around the hole would not have gone unnoticed by Jonathan’s greedy eyes.”

Blessi Pool, Geysir, Iceland
Scalding hot geothermal pool filled with glinting coins.


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