Hidden People

Hidden People, Iceland
Stone figures made to represent the hidden people.

These are the words from the journal of Nathanael Weirson:

“There is a story we learned about how the elves of Iceland came to be:

“When the human world was just beginning, Adam and Eve existed. They had many children together, so many that they were hard to count. God one day asked Eve if He could meet all of her children personally. Eve brought her children before Him, all, that is, but for a handful who hadn’t washed for a while and were very dirty. Eve was ashamed to show them to God at the time, and hid them while He met the others. God, knowing of her folly, proclaimed from that day forth these ‘dirty’ children shall forever be the ‘hidden people’ and be invisible to all eyes”

We were talking to an Icelandic woman named Saedi, however, and she was saying the hidden people and the elves are not the same. elves are tiny people, but the hidden people are of normal size and live on another plane of existence.

I find the Christian story mixed with Icelandic mythology very interesting. More and more I see evidence of how the ancient Norse people’s religion was influenced by Christianity, mixing mythologies.”


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