I thought I’d write a little about how I’m feeling looking at the clock ticking down toward the start of our adventure. The best way to start is maybe by detailing what we have been up to the past couple of weeks.

Sparklers on the fire escape!
Sparklers on the fire escape!

About two weeks ago, we started seriously packing up our apartment and putting our furniture up for sale. I knew I would have a hard time with it, there were too many factors working against a girl who is sentimental about literally everything (I actually had a huge struggle about whether to keep a single broken earring that I got for super cheap in a place I can’t remember any details about, but  was somewhere in Japan and therefore might make it worth holding onto). Since we’re leaving for an extended period, it made sense to minimize what we were keeping in long-term storage (aka, my parents house :)) so I’m doing my best to only hold onto things I know I’d regret letting go. So, after I’d packed up about two boxes of “Donates” and a box of “Keeps” I slumped on the floor super bummed out and took, like, three days to recover. I’m such a delicate flower, I know.

I have never lived outside of Winnipeg (there I admitted the truth, phew). I’ve lived a variety of places for maybe a month at a time, but Winnipeg has always been home. On top of that, this is my first apartment (and by extension, the first home Nat and I have shared together) that we’re leaving, and it’s so beautiful!

Our beautiful Christmas tree :)
Our beautiful Christmas tree 🙂

After my first mope-fest, I’m doing pretty good and I’ve managed to pack up most things with only the occasional moment of mourning for our first home together. Don’t get me wrong, don’t take this post to mean I’m not excited about leaving for our trip, I’m so excited to finally get going! The reality of what going on an adventure meant leaving behind just took a long time to sink in I think. To finish off, I’d like to focus on some exciting things we’ve gotten done or are in the progress of doing to get ready!

  • I’ve started a French learning program

  • We’ve gotten our fancy new passports

  • We’ve bought a new camera and computer to take with us

  • I’m getting to give some of my beloved things to people I know will love them as much as I have 🙂

Painting the cupboards.
Painting the cupboards.

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