My five favourite things in Norway!

My Top Five of Norway

Stave house, Oslo Folk Museum., Norway
I wanted to do a quick entry about five of my favourite things we saw/did that I would recommend to anyone visiting Norway! Check out the rest of Scandinavia too at Sweden, Finland, and Denmark!

Hiking in Frognerseteren, Oslo

Nathanael, Frognerseteren, Oslo, Norway
Is that an owl back there?

The paths were a little rough in some areas, but the hike was beautiful. Cute little signs were posted at every intersection to let you know where the various cross-country skiing and hiking paths led. I could see these trails being fantastic on skis in the wintertime. Partway through our hike we were bombarded with golfball-sized snowflakes, making it seem even more like a mysterious winter wonderland!

Bryggen, Bergen

Ashleigh, Bergen, Norway
Here be pirates.

This day was so much fun. The buildings were exactly as I imagined a pirate port to be. The wooden planks in the floor heaved, and the alleys were so narrow that you could  jump between balconies! I loved that they had turned the historic buildings into local shops and pubs, especially since that meant you could wander where ever you wished along the alleys and corridors. We grabbed some piping hot and delicious fish soup on the pier to wrap up the afternoon, ahhhh 🙂

Bus ride through the Fjords

Norwegian Countryside
What a cute little town.

Beautiful scenery surrounded us the entire bus ride through the fjords. Pretty towns, sparkling lakes, lush fields, and flocks of sheep as far as the eye could see! Though admittedly, the eye couldn’t see that far because of all the mountains! Whether you see the fjords by ferry, bus, or train, it is definitely a must-see trip.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

Ashleigh, Vigeland, Oslo, Norway
There’s a lot of naked people in this photo.

By far my favourite park we visited in Norway. This may be a little biased since not many of the flowers or plants were in season, so we may not have gotten a full experience at other parks. But regardless, if this park looked this nice in the fall I can only imagine what it would look like in the spring and summer with the rose bushes full of blooms and the trees full of leaves. We didn’t have a chance to visit the nearby Vigeland Museum, featuring the works of Gustav Vigeland (who designed the sculptures in the park) and other artists, but I’m sure it’s worth a visit too.

Norwegian Folk Museum, Oslo

Oslo Folk Museum, Norway
I think your roof is growing!

I could have spent hours wandering around in this open-air museum. A little on the expensive side, it was nice that we were able to use our Oslo pass to see it. I wish we could have had a bit more time to explore the collections from more recent periods, I’d say the highlights for me were the stave church and the buildings from the Numedal valley area. Signs outside various buildings  told stories about life and the culture at various time periods, which was really cool. There weren’t any interpreters around at this time of year unfortunately, but luckily they had a nice brochure in English to tell us about what we were seeing.

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