St. John’s Wort Vodka

by Pia from Fagervik, Finland

Make your own infusion of St. John's Wort at home.
Make your own infusion of St. John’s Wort at home.


  • One bottle of good quality vodka (55-60% alcohol)

  • Fresh St. John’s Wort flowers

  • One clean bottle

Pick flowers fresh in the early morning (when potency is highest), but not after it has rained (as rain washes away some of the compounds). To test if flowers are good to use, rub them a bit between your fingers and check for red staining on your fingers. This is a sign of the presence of the desired compound.

Fill a clean bottle about 1/2 to 3/4 full of vodka. Pack the bottle with fresh flowers. Repeat picking and packing of flowers, over many days if necessary, until the bottle is full. Top up with more vodka if needed.

Store the bottle at room temperature in darkness for at least a couple of months. Once ready, the colour of the liquid should range from red to rusty-brown. Strain out the flowers from the vodka and discard. The St. John’s Wort infused vodka is ready to drink! A shot can help with sleep and sleep regulation. Store at room temperature in darkness.

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    • Hi Suzanne! There is some scientific evidence that St. John’s Wort can help with mild and moderate depression, but it can also have interactions with a variety of medications and I haven’t read anything regarding how infusing vodka with the herbs affects its properties. Mayoclinic has some good info, but I would speak with a doctor as well. Hope that helps!


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