Tickets are Booked!

Exciting news!

We have officially booked our tickets to Europe! Departing from Vancouver, Canada for Bergen, Norway! We’re very excited, and we even managed to save a bit of money off of the airline’s posted price after some scouring through travel sites. We will be flying with Icelandair from Vancouver through the United States and Iceland before arriving in Bergen. We have a layover at each stop (Seattle and Reykjavik) but both are reasonably short and will probably be very welcome breaks from sitting in a cramped seat for so long.

We have also thought out a very rough plan for what we would like to do in Norway. We are hoping to volunteer on two farms for about one to two weeks each, one near Bergen and the other near Oslo. Depending on snow and public transportation, we are hoping to do some hiking in the fjords since the pictures look unbelievably beautiful, but after a few emails back and forth between parks staff it looks like it may or may not be feasible. After we are finished exploring around Bergen, we are thinking about taking the Bergen to Oslo train since a number of websites and guide books have raved about it being one of the best train rides in the world. We would also like to possibly stop in a few towns a long the train route to see some of Norway’s interior. Finally, in Oslo we will hopefully explore the city and some of the coastal communities nearby before taking the ferry to Denmark.

We haven’t contacted the farms we are hoping to volunteer with, but we have more or less picked out which ones we are really interested in. Hopefully all goes well and they will be looking for some eager helping hands!

norway fjords
A glance at the scenery in the fjords.
Bergen Railway, Norway
Bergen to Oslo train.

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